Year End Blitz

Year End Blitz

Now is the time the phone is ringing off the hook because people have realized that there are only a few weeks left before the new year. What to do?? They’ve been meaning to implement an accounting system, email marketing system, or whatever might have been on their “To Do” List for the year. Yet, as we all know, time slips quickly away and we are busy with our heads buried in the sand of every day demands from our business.

No worry. The year is not lost yet. Here are 5 things you can still implement in you Year End Blitz to make a big difference in your New Year for your business:

1. Visit with your Tax Preparer to assess your estimated tax liability for the year and get recommendations for what needs to be done before 12/31. Do you need to buy a new company truck? Invest money in your 401(k), IRA or SEP?

2. Prepare your budget for the new year. Without a target of where you are going, you have no way to measure your successes or variances.

3. Dust off your Business Plan and update it for the new year. Strategizing is key to growing your business. Success doesn’t happen by coincidence. You have to make it happen!

4. Catch up on any outstanding items for the current year. Are your accounts reconciled? Receipts filed away for future reference if needed? Any outstanding activities will only cloud your ability to kick start the new year in January. Don’t carry over unnecessary undone items…take the time and wrap things up for the current year so you can have a clear mind to focus on the New Year.

5. Organize, organize, organize. Clutter has no place in your business. It only takes away from the purpose at hand. Take the time to handle the clutter that is occupying your space and your mind. Free yourself!

It’s never too late to get started with moving your business forward. While it may be December, you still have time to implement these 5 Year End Blitz Tips to change your mind, change your vibe and change your future!