Using Fishbowl Inventory with QuickBooks

Using Fishbowl Inventory with QuickBooks enables you to have a myriad of inventory management options to meet the needs of various sizes of business. It’s customizable so you can pick the features that you need. Using Fishbowl Inventory with QuickBooks enables you to operate in an efficient manner and handle the inventory needs of your organization at any size, from start up to multiple warehouse locations.

Some of the features in Fishbowl Inventory include:

  • Multiple warehouse locations
  • Serial number tacking capability
  • Ability to adjust your cost after you’ve already sold the item
  • Track parts and products separately. You may have one part you purchase that feeds into many products you sell
  • Shopping cart integration
  • Create multiple price levels for customers and products
  • And so much more!


The key is understanding what your pain points are currently in your inventory management process and what solutions can solve them. Having a good inventory software is only half the battle. You have to have great inventory processes outside of the software to achieve a successful inventory management system.

For any business that has any inventory process that demands more than what QuickBooks items can do alone, you will want to explore Fishbowl Inventory. It’s very customizable to work with all types of inventory heavy industries. It also has great shopping cart integrations!