Staffing Solutions

We know how difficult it can be to find someone who truly knows QuickBooks®. They may talk a good game when they are interviewing with you, but then you quickly find out they don’t really know the software at all. That can be frustrating and very time consuming. We have developed great solutions for our clients to assist them through those processes.

Hiring Assistance:

We understand the critical importance of having qualified staff to carry out your accounting processes. We know that you may not always have a clear idea of the responsibilities that you need someone to fulfill for your company if it is a new position.  We help you in a variety of ways when you are looking to hire someone:

  • Job assessment and job description development
  • Recruitment
  • Interviewing
  • Expertise testing – Do they really know what they say they do?
  • Training to help them supplement their current knowledge.
  • Oversight and review

Ongoing Partner:

Sometimes it is nice to have that third party objective view on an ongoing basis. We know it is all about relationships and we work with a lot of clients who want to have an ongoing partnership.

  • Looking for someone to provide analysis and review of your financials or prepare information for your board of directors?
  • Strategy partner – maybe you are looking for someone to provide an objective review of you financials, make recommendations and help be an accountability partner to you or your team?

These types of ongoing project based solutions can be provided as you need. Our staff has varying levels of expertise and we’ll review your needs and make specific recommendations for your environment.