SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory is one of the few inventory management systems which interfaces with QuickBooks Online. It is accessible on mobile devices for employees on the GO. SOS Inventory automatically syncs with QuickBooks Online so there is no need to enter the information twice, saving you time and frustration.

SOS Inventory is fully customizable for your company’s needs. It can perform as many or as few functions as necessary. Start with a Purchase Order, receive the goods, build products, create Sales Orders and Invoices, and ship the finished products to your customers. Do all this and more in one easy application.

Just a sampling of available features:

  • Import and Export lists for review
  • Customize forms with your company’s logo
  • Email forms to vendors and customers
  • Track profits by job
  • Supports assembly, process, and contract manufacturing
  • Barcode recognition is available

Managing your company’s inventory is a difficult process by itself, we all know this and it can become very time consuming.  Why not utilize available resources to make the process easier. SOS Inventory can track where your items are at all times and how many are available for sale. Since it syncs automatically with QuickBooks Online, it will also track your company’s Cost of Goods Sold.

RPPC Inc. knows how complicated inventory management can be. We have expert consultants who can assist in setting up the program to your company’s specifications and help in the day to day operations. Contact us today to talk to a consultant about how SOS Inventory can benefit your business.