Smart Steps to Success for Young Entrepreneurs

Smart Steps to Success for Young Entrepreneurs

Many people have great ideas but lack the knowledge or the passion to actually transform them from pure thoughts into an actual product. If you are a young, would-be entrepreneur, you need to know what to do to set yourself up as a professional while getting other people excited about your service or product. Here are some tips you and other entrepreneurial types can follow to keep on track for success as you start up your own businesses.

Have an Elevator Pitch

Start off by clearly outlining your idea. Many people have great ideas but have difficulty explaining them in full or relating them to potential consumers. You should be prepared on two fronts — first, you should be able to quickly explain your idea to people you may run into on the street or at networking events, in what is frequently referred to as an “elevator pitch.” This should be brief (under a minute) but comprehensive enough that people you have just met (who have no prior knowledge of you) would be able to understand the basic idea behind your product or service. Having a good elevator pitch allows you to network and get to know potentially useful contacts without stressing out about how to bring up your idea. It also shows that you are a competent, fully prepared individual with a plan that is currently in motion.

The second way you should be prepared is to have an equally interesting description of your idea online. Marketing your idea on the internet and social platforms is the second step (and the next paragraph), but you won’t be able to do much marketing if you can’t make your idea as appealing through text as you can in person. Use vivid, descriptive language without getting too bogged down in unnecessary wordiness. You should be able to describe your idea in a sentence or two — when coming up with your overall idea or mission statement, think of the average person’s attention span and edit yourself accordingly.

Market Your Idea

The next step is to establish yourself through clever marketing. Depending on the type of service or product you want to offer (and the demographic of the people who will be interested in it), you may want to choose different marketing avenues. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are still very useful for people looking to get their idea out into the world. An attractive, functional website is also a great thing to have, and some people have found success through a daily blog or vlog. Whatever route you choose, the most important thing with regard to online marketing is that you maintain it. If you create a social account for your brand, keep it active — this will greatly help your rankings in search engine results.

Steer Clear of Distractions with a Home Office

You should do whatever it takes to keep yourself on task. Having your own business isn’t simply putting the pieces in motion — you also have to be involved every day. If you don’t have or need a physical space for your work, you should still set up a home office where you can work without being distracted. If you live with family or roommates, make sure they know the hours you prefer to work so that they can leave you alone. You can get more peace and quiet if you choose a separate room with a door and have a separate phone line.

Starting up your own business from a single idea is a large task, but it’s one that determined individuals are well suited for. Make the most of your time by creating a distraction-free workspace and by marketing your idea through the use of clear, easily understood concepts.

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Thank you to Lucy Reed for this special guest blog!