QuickBooks Online Changing User Access Rights

QuickBooks Online changing User Access Rights. Not everyone in your company will need to have the same access rights and it’s important to keep your company information visible to only those who need to see it and access it.

You can also limit users’ access to different parts of QuickBooks Online Plus, such as Customers & Sales or Vendors & Purchases.

You can also limit a user’s ability to perform administrative functions, such as adding users, changing company information, or managing subscriptions and billing and so on.

You will see the different access rights when you go to make the changes

To change access rights

You can change a user’s access rights only if you are a Company Administrator, or if you have user management access rights.

Hover over the Company Tab and then go to Manage Users. Once you click on Manager Users you will see the list of users.


(Or click “Your Account” at the top of the page, and then choose “Manage Users”)







Select the user whose rights you want to change.

Click Edit.
In Access Rights, click Change.

The user access that the person currently has is in bold. From here you will click on Change and make follow the instruction provided to change the person’s access. The user will not see the changes until the next time they log in.