Transaction Pro

There are occasions when it is necessary to input a lot of information into QuickBooks at one time. How many hours would that take? How many entries would have to be reviewed for data entry errors? On the flip side, there are times when there is a need to retrieve a list of clients or items for another use. Transaction Pro offers a solution to these types of processes.

Transaction Pro Exporter                      Transaction Pro Deleter                    Transaction Pro Importer

Transaction Pro comes in several versions, depending on your company’s needs. For QuickBooks Desktop, there is an Importer, an Exporter, and a Deleter. For QuickBooks Online, there is an Importer and an Exporter. There is even a web-based version that integrates with QuickBooks online and does not require a download.

Transaction Pro Importer Screen

Transaction Pro Importer allows users to enter a large amount of data easily and accurately in very little time. It works seamlessly with QuickBooks to match the appropriate fields with the corresponding data and input that information accurately.

Transaction Pro Exporter enables users to export a spreadsheet using QuickBooks data, create a list of clients’ addresses to use when mailing out flyers, or export a list of invoices that need to be reviewed. The possibilities are endless.

Transaction Pro has the capabilities of saving your company time and money by easing the input and output of information within QuickBooks. RPPC Inc. has experts to guide you in choosing the right version for your needs and implementing it within your organization. Contact us today for more information.