Price Levels in QuickBooks Desktop

Price levels in QuickBooks Desktop can be a great solution for those who are wanting to bill different customers different default rates. 

Here are some tips to working with Price Levels in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • You can find the price level list under QuickBooks’ List drop down menu
  • You can select the price level name you want to give your new price level.
  • You can select the type of price level (Per Item or a Fixed Percentage)

  • You can select one, multiple or all your items for any particular price level you are working with. 
  • You can adjust the price level up or down from your standard default price you have set for each item. 
  • You can also select for the price level to round up to the nearest cent, dollar, etc.

  • Once you have the price level set up, you can select the customer(s) that you want assigned to any particular price level.

  • Be cautious about how many price levels you set up as when you need to readjust, it is easier if you have been able to group your customers in to price level groups versus giving each customer their own price level. 
  • Using price levels allows you to have default prices populate on invoices and sales receipts to ensure consistency in billing your customers. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if we can assist you in ensuring QuickBooks works most ideally for you!