Pam Newman announces a local presence of the RPPC, Inc. accounting firm in the Lawrence, Kansas area!

March 9, 2007 – Pam Morin, President and owner of RPPC, Inc, announced that there will be an expansion of the RPPC, Inc. offerings to the Lawrence, Kansas, business community. RPPC, Inc., a firm dedicated to the establishment and growth of business and the entrepreneurial spirit, will be adding the Lawrence area to the areas served by our staff. We, at RPPC, Inc, are looking forward to partnering with the local business community of the Lawrence area to help them Realize Profitable Potential through Change. These changes are represented by changes in business ideas and practices that may not be serving the business owner to their fullest advantage.

Mrs. Morin has partnered with such organizations as the Kauffman Foundation, Kauffman Coaching program, First Step Fund, and area Small Business Development Centers to help business owners realize their dreams of starting and growing their business. Pam comes along side the entrepreneur, at whatever stage they may be in their business organization and aides them in the realization of bringing their business dreams to fruition.

Pam has also been a guest instructor with Central Missouri State University, University of Missouri, KC, and the Metropolitan Community Colleges group to offer her expertise on the subject of business and, in particular the QuickBooks® programs.

Pam Morin is President of RPPC, Inc., member of Kauffman Coaching program, and Author of Out of the Red. Services provided by Pam include speaking and training, personalized business and QuickBooks® consulting, and more. For more information, visit her website at or call 866.206.0824.