Manufacturers have unique inventory needs and we focus on helping you solve them. We help clients utilize QuickBooks® Manufacturing Premier and Enterprise Editions to get the best inventory management process tracking in place. We understand that inventory is your lifeblood.

In addition to the traditional business Accounting and Consulting services, we also offer advanced inventory accounting assistance.

Some of the tools we utilize in addition to the QuickBooks® software includes the Advanced Inventory for Enterprise. It is designed to give you the customized inventory tools that you need when managing extensive inventory. We also assist our clients in integrating their third party manufacturing industry software with QuickBooks®.

If you are feeling frustrated with your inventory, we can help you with areas such as:

  • Ensuring your inventory detail valuation balances to your Balances Sheet
  • Managing builds of assemblies.
  • Tracking inventory in multiple warehouses.
  • Using barcode scanner technology to track inventory efficiently.
  • Measuring cost of goods sold as a percentage of your sales and over time.
  • And more!

Pam has an extensive background in working with high inventory industries and their specific needs. We know how important it is to know your inventory controls are in place and have reliable inventory figures at the touch of a button. She is proficient in setting up inventory control processes for companies who inventory is out of control.  She knows the importance that inventory has on a company’s financial statement and has the knowledge to show them how to get it accurate and keep it accurate.  Due to client confidentiality, we can’t share all of our great clients with you! Though we want you feel comfortable that we can help your manufacturing company. Heartland Solutions is one of our many great manufacturing clients that we help utilizing QuickBooks® Manufacturing edition.