Making Yourself Stand Out

Making Yourself Stand Out is really the goal for any business owner, isn’t it? The truth is we all have competition and while we may do things a special way or provide a product that has a few extra bells and whistles, the consumer’s dollar is constantly in a tug of war.

The question goes back to then…How do you make yourself stand out among your competition?

You might ask why I’m covering this topic and it is because I like to share discussions that I have with my clients as well as those that I have with professional associates as I continue to refine my business model and what helps me to stand out in the crowd of Accountants and QuickBooks consultants. Why should customers come to me you ask? I ask myself the same question regularly. What can I do to help my customer’s improve their bottom line as that is how I measure my success in helping clients. I’ve kept them out of jail, aware of what their financial bottom line is, and can look at the big picture with them when they want to discuss their business model. I’m not a regular accountant who just sits behind the desk, I’m hands on!

Therefore, it brought me to the blog tonight as I sit here helping a client after hours to condense their QuickBooks file and ensure that it is in good condition to move forward and add additional new data. 

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on updating my YouTube channel so that I can continue to add value to the general QuickBooks public as well as my clients. A lot of time customers buy Quickbooks desktop or QuickBooks online with the hope that they’ll just turn it on and they’ll just know how to effectively use it. I’d love to tell you that is the case, but it’s unrealistic. It’s like any other tool in your toolbox, it takes time to learn how to use it well. 

We are blessed that there are lots of resources on the internet to help you, including YouTube, blogs, etc. Now you just have to make it a priority to get involved and really learn how to best utilize the tool you have. Will that be through these options or perhaps you will work directly with a skilled QuickBooks professional. Whatever path you choose, just know it will get easier over time.

We work diligently to bring a variety of resources to our clients through our blog, our videos, personal consultation and more. It is our way of helping to ensure that we are Making (Y)ourself stand out among the many professionals that are out there ready to help you!

Let us know what you’d like to see! Perhaps there is a topic you’d like to see covered or a question you have, please feel free to reach out to me!