Live your passion and the money will follow

Live your passion and the money will follow. I know it may sound like a cliche but here at RPPC, that is truly what we believe in. Often times in visiting with clients, I will ask them why they are in business. If the first thing that they say is to make money, I ask them to dig deeper. We all need money to survive and if you decide to go into business, then we can assume you are doing it to make money. Let’s peel back the onion layers and go deeper to what drives you.

What I want to know is what really drives my clients to spend the extra hours working to build their business when most likely they could be making more money immediately working for someone else. Few people start their business making more than whatever they were doing in their “day job”.  There’s no right or wrong as your motivation is unique to you. I just want you to clearly be able to identify what that is.

While we may be consultants who specialize in accounting and financial aspects of your business, we also are realistic enough to know that you have to be passionate about what you are doing. Otherwise, the hours that  you will spend simply won’t bring you any fulfillment in your struggle to make money right out of the gate. That is why everyone recommends keeping your “day job” until your business gets on its feet because statistically we know that most businesses fail within the first 2 years and those who survive the 2 year mark, only a small percentage of those are still here after the 10 year mark. Check out this article for more details on business success stats

What keeps people moving forward is that they live their passion and in turn they fulfill a need in the marketplace which brings them monetary success. What are you passionate about that others can benefit from and in turn will turn over their hard earned money to pay you for? 

Here are some great resources on how to build your business around your passion:

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When I recommend to my clients to Live their Passion and money will follow, I’m not encouraging people to be irresponsible. Instead, I’m really encouraging them to do some deep soul searching and ensure that they are in business for all the right reasons and that they are building a solid foundation where they love their business passion enough to put in the long hours to reach the financial success that they deserve. 

Here’s my example: When people talk about retiring and doing things they love. I simply say I’ll probably never retire. I love what I do and helping others to achieve success in their business is the ultimate reward for my hard work. I simply want to work less hours as I age to ensure I have a good balance with other parts of my life and continue to help other entrepreneurs indefinitely. It’s not all about the money. That’s the bonus…it boils down to living my passion! Good luck in living yours!

Photo Credit: Pexels