Legal Professionals

Accounting and Consulting services for legal professionals aren’t the same as the needs for other industries. We understand that legal professionals have their own unique needs and we have experience providing customized solutions. In working with our legal professional clientele, we understand the areas that cause them the most pain. Our goal is being able to help you have detailed information on your trust accounts as well as your outstanding litigation suits and other projects you may be working on.

Areas where we can help you as a legal professional are:

  • Detailed Trust Accounting
  • Costs to date on your client’s lawsuits and other projects
  • Invoicing for mediation services you provide
  • Invoicing to other professionals and clients who owe you money
  • Tracking of outstanding bills you owe
  • Tracking of outstanding loans you may have
  • Income vs Expense review on your cases
  • Financial statements for your firm
  • Bill approval and process flow within your firm
  • Integration of third party software with your QuickBooks®
  • And more!

We have taken the time to know the needs of the legal professionals. We understand the accounting needs that are unique to your industry. We know your passion is not dealing with accounting, but it is a necessary part of doing business. So let us focus on ensuring your making money and you can focus on providing the best legal service to your clients.