Kickstart Your Success with QuickBooks Online

Are you thinking about using QuickBooks Online but don’t know where to start? Here are a few great tips to kickstart your success with QuickBooks Online

  • First understand whether QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online is going to be your best option. I use both and love them equally but there are certain features that work best for certain  industries and specific business needs. Click here to see the full comparison chart.


  • Take time to do some training. Often times we underestimate the need to hone our skills and truly understand the tool we are using. There are great resources available for you to utilize including personal training by your accountant, group QuickBooks training courses, YouTube videos, various blog resources online including the following:
  • Once you have determine that QuickBooks Online is the one for you, here are some great tips on what you’ll need to set up your Company. Success starts from the beginning in ensuring you have a proper set up.
  • Have someone review your setup and data entry until you feel comfortable that data is being entered correctly. Don’t wait until tax time to find out that you’ve been missing some key steps. It’s worth the time and investment to have a partner who will review your information and give you tips on keeping good data!
  • Utilize the information. Don’t forget that the most important person needing this information isn’t your tax person…it is you, the business owner or manager. Take full advantage of the valuable information that your QuickBooks file can provide about your business including cash flow, profitability, and more!