Handshake App

Handshake, an app that’s converting an archaic paper system to a digital system and using the iPad to pave the way. The Handshake app lets you write orders, scan barcodes with your iPhone camera, email order confirmations, print copies instantly with AirPrint and works seamlessly with Excel. Sellers can offer their entire catalog and multiple product lines simultaneously with multi-currency support.

All iPad transactions are synced to Handshake’s web server, where a manager can provision rep sales. Handshake app offers wholesalers an online customer portal where merchants can check up on inventory.

Imagine a aircraft-hangar sized space with thousands of buyers and sellers writing orders.  They all have smartphones, and many of them have iPads.  Yet, almost all of the reps are writing orders on paper, handing the buyer a yellow-paper carbon copy, hoping that their handwriting is legible, and taking the order back to the office for some poor schmoe to type in by hand.  It feels like a timewarp, but it’s actually pretty much every tradeshow in the year 2011.  –Handshake’s Glen Coates

Write and receive orders on the iPad, iPhone & web.

Catalogs & line sheets, faxes & phone calls – your time’s up. Never write another order by hand.

handshakeSupercharge your customer appointments.
Lightning fast ordering. Important customer information. Sync instantly when you’re on the go.

Order management in the office, made easy.
Handshake makes managing your team, catalog and customers simple. Export orders in CSV, PDF or integrate directly to your back office.

Send the perfect pitch to your buyers.
Build a curated quote and send your buyer a link to your online proposal.

Ship Orders Faster.
No waiting: orders sync instantly so the team back at the office can invoice & ship faster than ever before.

Happier customer, better cash-flow.

handshake appCustomer intelligence,

Your rolodex, on steroids.

Your customer list at your fingertips, plus critical information like previous order history and favorite items so that you go into every appointment prepared.

In-depth, real-time reporting.
Know exactly how much you’re selling, up to the minute. Drill down by item, region, rep and more.

Recently we helped one of our global clients implement Handshake so their outside salesmen can be able to have valuable information at their fingertips. Easy access, anytime, anywhere and you don’t have to worry about them having access to your QuickBooks!

Add Handshake to your sales force today by calling our experienced staff.