Finding Success and Balance

Finding Success and Balance is a constant struggle for most of us. When you discuss success and balance, the mind can lead you in a million different directions. I’ve found over the years that each person has their own definition of both success and balance. There is no right or wrong, only right or wrong for us as individuals. It also is not static. What works for us today may not work for us next month, next year or next decade. So enjoy the ride and continue to find the success and balance that works for you.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind in your journey to finding success and balance:

1. It’s personal. Don’t let others define your own personal success or balance. What works for others doesn’t necessarily work for us. Make it personal and own it so that you are happy.

2. It’s not static. As life evolves, so will your definitions of success and balance. Age, children, marital status and many other things will influence the evolution of your definition of success and balance. Enjoy the ride and don’t be so caught up in the end result. Be fluid and adjust as you need. Life is meant to be lived!

3. Money isn’t everything. As you define your personal success and balance, don’t negate that money is important but it is not everything. What good is money if you have no one to enjoy it with nor the time. It would be naive to say it’s not important as we all need a basic amount to live the lives we choose to live each day but that definition of what is “enough” is defined by everyone differently.

Success and Balance are typical things we seek throughout life. For me personally, the definitions of those have changed over the years. I find success in little and big things every day. Most of all, I try to find the balance between working to make a living and living to make a life. While I could make more money doing lots of other things, the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs while enjoying the beach life with my friends and family…that’s my idea of success and balance…today!