Demandforce marketing software syncs effortlessly with QuickBooks®, pulling key customer data to help you automatically email customers, get reviews, collect feedback, make more money and grow your business. Ideal for users who keep customer data in QuickBooks®. Maximize your investments and discover why Demandforce marketing works for our clients.

Where’s the Value?

$$    Newsletters
$      Thank You
$$    Referrals
$      Satisfaction Surveys
$$    Social Media
$$$ Local Marketing

Your company is currently or will be spending a lot of time and money using many platforms to accomplish the above daily/weekly/monthly tasks. How about saving time and money by having everything in one place? We offer a full service or stand-alone solution to meet your business needs. Call us and we will match you with the best solution to grow your business.

We listen to our clients to truly understand their business and marketing objectives.
RPPC is committed to delivering innovative and results-driven marketing solutions through active listening, quality execution and dedicated client service. We work to increase our client’s brand awareness, grow your business and provide your customers with the best online experience. RPPC believes in solutions tailored to the individual needs of each client and situation.

  • Seamless Integration With QuickBooks®
  • Improve Online Reputation
  • Promote Your Business
  • Connect With Customers
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction
  • Track Results

Marketing For Small Business


Demand More. Demandforce!

Automated marketing & communications.
Marketing For Small Businesses




Effortless Communication

Use email, text, social and search to grow your business and keep customers coming back.

Small Business Marketing



Online Reputation

Build, maintain, and leverage your
most valuable asset – a good online reputation.


Marketing For Business


Demandforce Network
Increase exposure to your local community and maximize results.



Demandforce subscribers span a wide range of service industries, so when a likely potential customer completes a transaction outside of your specialty, Demandforce displays your online business profile automatically.

This feature raises your profile with prospective customers, helps consumers remember you, and allows them to schedule an appointment right then and there.

Market to those that matter, your neighborhood consumers

We are passionate about our work and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. So, if you are looking for a marketing partner to help establish a relationship with your brand and your consumers, call us we are Demandforce experts.