Certified Sleeter Group QuickBooks Consultant

January 2013 – Pam Morin becomes a Certified Sleeter Group QuickBooks Consultant. Pam has been involved with The Sleeter Group for a number of years. As part of her commitment to her clients, she is constantly involved with ongoing learning in the accounting and QuickBooks world. She is a power user and consultant for a variety of industries throughout the world. Her main goal is providing clients with a strong accounting and QuickBooks background to help them utilize QuickBooks to its fullest extent…and maybe even push its boundaries for those clients with unique needs.

The Sleeter Group is a QuickBooks consultant’s network that provides a wide variety of resources for users and consultants at varying levels. Check out their website at www.sleeter.com.

The Sleeter Group Consultants Network provides accounting software consulting services to over 200,000 small businesses throughout the country. Members provide solutions in training, implementation, and support, and are backed by each other and the resources of The Sleeter Group.

You can check out Pam’s Sleeter Group Consultant’s Profile here. Pam is proud to be among the elite group of QuickBooks consultants that has this honor of Certified Sleeter Group QuickBooks Consultant.