Are you wondering about the best way to learn QuickBooks? 

Are you wondering about the best way to learn QuickBooks?

Don’t be frazzled…there are lots of great resources available to you to learn QuickBooks depending on what works best for you! Here are just a few of those great resources!

Best Ways to Learn QuickBooks:

  • Hands on – if you are the type that easily picks up software, then you might just want to jump in and get your feet wet by hands on experience. Though do remember, this tool is made to be simple; however, you have to have some basic understanding of bookkeeping, accounting and general business to make it a truly useful tool.
  • YouTubeYouTube has lots of great videos to help you with various QuickBooks topics. 
  • QuickBooks Blogs – here are a few great resources
    • Intuit’s QuickBooks Blog
    • RPPC Inc Blog
    • Hector Garcia’s Blog
    • There are many other great blogs out there that you can search as well. Perhaps your Accountant has a recommendation or does a blog themselves. 
  • QuickBooks Live or Online Training. There are various avenues you can go for this as well.
    • QuickBooks Training from Intuit
    • Check your Small Business Development Center at your local College/University to see if they offer QuickBooks training. Historically, many of us QuickBooks ProAdvisors have worked with various Centers to offer QuickBooks Training.
    • Here’s a great list of various training opportunities as well including Real World
  • Work with your local QuickBooks ProAdvisor or accountant for hands on training. I work with clients all over the world with remote online training at a time that is convenient for all. With technology these days, personalized training is easy to find!

Remember, there are lots of ways to gather information about QuickBooks, you simply have to find the method that works best for your particular situation. Are you looking for generic group training? Personalized hands on training? Or a combination of both. Most likely, you will use a blend of the above methods to build your QuickBooks expertise.

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