Accounting Services

We differentiate ourselves through customized and virtual accounting solutions for you. We don’t just occasionally use QuickBooks®…we specialize in QuickBooks®! Some people do lots of accounting software packages and services, but we don’t believe you can be an expert in all areas. That’s why we spend thousands of hours each year working with a variety of businesses with a wide array of needs and help them find ways for QuickBooks® to help their bottom line and quality of life. When you hear people say they are disappointed with their accountant or software…it’s often because they don’t have someone who takes the time to help them find a customized solution to their need. We resolve that issue for you. We know the value QuickBooks® can add to your bottom line so we’ll teach you how to make it work for you and customize it for your business. Don’t worry…we are here for ongoing support also when you have those “little glitches” that you need help resolving.

We offer a full range of services to clients through our leading edge technology through QuickBooks® and Cloud offerings. We offer everything from accounting and consulting services, data analysis, job costing, and budgeting to financial review services. We understand how confusing and time consuming financial activities can be. While we encourage you to actively manage your business by your numbers, we understand that at the end of the day there simply may not be enough hours. Don’t worry…we can help you out by providing customized services so that you can still have access to the numbers when you want but don’t have to give up quality personal time on your weekends to get it done! Whether you want to have someone to help you set up and maintain your own system or completely outsource it, we have a solution for you!

We provide a wide variety of Services for clients of all industries and sizes. We know one solution doesn’t fit everyone’s needs. We customize our services to meet your specific needs. Our Accounting Services include:

  • Year-End Accountant Preparation for individuals or small businesses who don’t require ongoing support. Clients provide bank statements, receipts and other materials for entry into Quickbooks®. Clients are then asked questions to further identify business and tax deductions and a Quickbooks® file summarizing all data is created for use by their accountant.
  • Payroll Services: Full service or client-managed payroll, including direct deposit, vacation and sick time accruals, quarterly and year-end tax payments, and W-2’s.
  • Employee, Sales, and Use Taxes: Track collections and withholdings and provide monthly, quarterly or year-end filing.
  • Overhead and Cost Analysis: Vendor/supplier research, identification of cost-cutting measures, budget creation and analysis, and assistance managing cash flow and prioritizing payments to improve credit or reduce debt.
  • Subcontractor Issues: Assist in correctly identifying subcontractors vs. employees and creating and maintaining an appropriate paper trail, including 1099’s, certificates of insurance, and other documentation.
  • Quickbooks® Training and Set-up: Review materials from prior years, set up Quickbooks® for your specific business and individual preferences, and provide one-on-one training using your actual data. After the initial training, clients may request occasional on-site, telephone or email support or additional training sessions as needed.

For our clients who desire to maintain their own accounting system, we believe that you should be educated in how the accounting information produces monthly financial statements. More importantly, how to utilize those financial statements to assist you in decision making! We don’t want you to be in the dark about your business…we’ll help you understand the areas that are going well and make suggestions on how to improve the areas that are not going so well! We are a part of your team and will ensure you have accurate and useful information available at your fingertips whenever YOU need it.

We provide as much or as little as you need when it comes to your accounting services. Those needs often fluctuate and we understand that! We understand that change is inevitable. We’ll work with you to provide the services when and how you need them! We are your partner for financial success.

Our staff has diverse background of industry knowledge. We have clients in a variety of industries including Legal and Professional Services, Construction, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, Non-Profits, Transportation, and more! We are not just “accountants”. We all have experience in running businesses and understand there’s much more to the picture then just a good software package. The benefit to you is that you’ll get someone with great accounting knowledge as well as first-hand experience as an entrepreneur.

We know that part of the good and bad as an entrepreneur is not having to be accountable to a “boss.” However, there is a valuable benefit in having someone to work with who is objective and can hold your “feet to the fire” when needed. We all benefit from having an accountability coach in our lives! Start now and you’ll be thankful you got your business on track today!

What are some key things you need to know about your business?

  • Profit Margin.
  • Difference between Gross Profit and Net Profit.
  • Difference between Cash and Profit.
  • Break-Even Point – how many products or services do you need to sell to cover your costs and start making a profit?
  • Management aspects vs. Tax aspects of bookkeeping.
  • Key questions to ask when interviewing a bookkeeper.

RPPC, Inc. prides itself on being an information provider for business owners and managers throughout the world. We offer virtual consulting, phone consulting, group and individual training, books, teleseminars, and articles to bring information to you in the way that you need it. We are your partner in helping you grow your business. We understand your passion for your business. We’ll help you understand how to use the financial numbers as part of your decision-making process.